Best stackable shoe storage boxes for 2023

7 Best Shoe Storage Boxes in (2023) to Organize Your Shoes

When you have a lot of shoes, it can be a hassle trying to store them all. You might have a shoe rack that you hang up, but that can be a little bit of a hassle. Or, you might have a lot of shoe boxes that you can’t seem to find a place for. 
So if you’re looking for a way to store your shoes, a shoe storage box is a good option.
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That’s why we’ve collected 7 best storage Boxes in this article to help you collect, store and display your precious shoes.
You can stack them up on a shelf or put them in a closet. They’re also easy to clean, and you can just wipe them down if they get dirty.They’re affordable, they’re easy to store, and they’re easy to clean.
Let’s get go it .

1. Reitu Clear Plastic Stackable Shoe Storage Boxes

3 Pack Shoe Organizer, Clear Plastic Folding Shoe Organizer, front Opening Shoe Organizer for Men/Women’s Sneakers, Fits US Size 13 (Black)

Brand Reitu
Color Black
Material Acrylic
Units 3 pack
Inner size 14.6″x10.2″x8.7″
fits shoes up to US size 13, high heel sneakers, air jordan, heels, and ankle boots.
All are welcome in these shoe boxes.
Maximum weight size More than 100 kg.therefore not easy to damage.
Special Feature Stackable

The side doors are designed for easy viewing of the shoes. It’s not just a shoe box, it’s also the perfect showcase for shoe lovers.



2. 12-pack shoe organizer with 360-degree view with ventilation design

DISPLAY YOUR SHOES – With a 360 degree view and airy design, the NEATLY shoe organizer lets you find your shoes and display them in the best possible way. Save space in your closet or hallway to streamline your shoe cabinet.

Forward-facing design opens easily for quick grabs and reduces odor.

Brand Finessy
Color White
Material Plastic
Units 12 pack
Inner size 13.7″x10.6″x7.4″
Fits most men’s and women’s shoes up to size 13. sneakers, air jordan, heels, ankle, Hats, boots, Nike and sport sneakers.
Maximum weight size More than 74 kg.therefore not easy to damage.
Special Feature Collapsible

The shoe box is durable enough to withstand everyday stress. Who says you can’t be stylish, organized and efficient? Show off your shoes – great!


3. UNAOIWN 4 Pack Clear Shoe Storage Boxes for Large Sneakers

There is a magnetic side door and a sliding design, which gives the shoe cabinet additional protection against dust and prevents the accumulation of odors. UV resistant and protects your leather, nubuck and canvas shoes. It also improves breathing and prevents the formation of odors.

Offer enough capacity to store all your types of shoes and make it convenient for you to take out your shoes.

Color Gold
Material Aluminum, Acrylic
Units 4 pack
Inner size ”13.8 x 10.6 x 8.1” inches
fits shoes up to US size 13, high heel sneakers, air jordan, heels, ankle, Hats, boots, canvas shoes, nubuck and sneaker slippers.
Everything can be stored.
Maximum weight size More than 100 kg.therefore not easy to damage.
Special Feature Stackable
Water Resistance Level Water Resistant
Closure Type Magnetic

Stackable storage boxes can be placed under the front door, under the sofa, under the bed, under cabinets and hangers or anywhere you want.

Reinforced with high-quality acrylic, this shoe cabinet is strong and durable and has a strong bearing capacity.



4. fabric containers with transparent lids. fits 48 pairs of shoes

With 2mm thick cardboard walls and sturdy reinforced handles, this organizer can stand upright and can be expanded for immediate use. 12 compartments.

Reinforced with high-quality non-woven, PVC, non-woven seam dividers, 2 mm thick cardboard on all four sides, this organizer is durable.

Brand Lifewit
Color Grey and Black
Material Cardboard
Units 4 pack
Inner size A set of 4 storage boxes allows you to store 48 pairs of shoes (12 each).
Each compartment can accommodate shoes up to 11.5 inches, excluding heels and boots.
Shape Rectangular
Pattern Solid


The organizer is easy to pull out and the bottom plate is made for the bottom bed. This will maximize the space under the bed.

The transparent plastic box allows you to choose your shoes before taking them out.


5. AOTENG STAR black shoe box for women and men

A simple design can hold each box together for easy carrying; a reinforced frame is for extra stability.

Stronger material, load capacity up to 265 pounds, solid construction, durable, acrylic light transmission up to 98%

Color Black
Material Polypropylene, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Units 6 pack
Inner size ”14.5 x 11 x 8.7” inches
The package contains 6 boxes. Fits men’s shoes from size 12 to size 14
Capacity 265 Pounds
Shape Rectangular

Clear windows to view content, stack multiple cells to maximize storage space

6. Fully transparent collapsible plastic sneaker container

The plastic shoe box ensures that you can look inside and easily find the right shoes without opening all the boxes.

Whether you’re a sneakerhead or a shoe lover, these clear shoe boxes can display your shoe details and make your shoes speak with their clear boxes.

Material Acrylic
Units 1 pack
Inner size ”14.6 x 10.2 x 8.3” inches
The box fits shoes up to size 13. In addition to heels and sneakers, toys, anime models, and more.
Shape Rectangular
Pattern Solid

If the box is dirty, simply wipe it lightly with a cloth and the box will be as good as new.

What’s not to like about this next generation shoe rack? Clear visibility, air vents and “handleless” folding front platform and extendable platform that opens the door.

An extendable, collapsible and space-saving set of 2 transparent shoe box drawers. If you’re looking for an artistic style with sneakers or shiny heels, you’ll love how shiny the sneakers look next to the LUXOORYO black and transparent sneaker baskets.

Material Plastic, Acrylic
Units 1 pack
Inner size ”14.6 x 10.6 x 8.3” inches
The box fits up to a shoe size 15 . In addition to heels and sneakers, toys, anime models, and more.
Special Feature Stackable
Style Modern

Two vents allow your shoes to breathe freely inside the clear shoe box to prevent odors, while magnetic doors keep shoes in place for neater storage and organization in the bedroom. And all without the little holes in the plastic handle that can cut your fingers!


In this post, I have included high-rated shoe boxes on Amazon. If you’re on a tight budget and are willing to splurge, I recommend this list.
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